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Get Ready for All Your Holiday Promotions with Our Free Guide

Are you wondering what promotions you should run during the holidays? You do know they are already here, right!? Well don't worry, we can help! This year's guide is jam-packed with tons of helpful stats and tips for promotions and outreach that you can accomplish this holiday season.

Inside you'll discover:

  • Tips for creating your promotion list
  • When you should do which promotion
  • 3 surprising days to send an email offer
  • Why your emails should be mobile ready
  • Where 97% of shoppers turn to for advice
  • Ideas to give your social promotions more pop
  • How to do last minute touch up on your holiday photo
  • What type of gift to give favorite customers

Plan ahead (or do it last minute)

We've covered all of the bases when it comes to staying in touch and increasing revenue during the holidays. You'll get brilliant ideas for how to use email, social, snail mail, and gifts for this year's promotions.

This is a busy time of year for small businesses. No matter what you're selling, you can use this guide to help you figure out which promotions are worth your time. 

The guide is completely free and instantly accessible, so stop procrastinating and go check it out right now!


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A peek at some of the helpful stats and tips you can get in the free guide.

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